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US Customs holding my package – what do I do?

U.S. customs is holding my package, what do I do?

Customs detaining packages is a common occurrence in the trade sector.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) holds the authority to detain, seize, and even destroy cargo they find unsuitable for entry into the United States.

This authority extends to all small to medium packages dispatched via USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and similar express carriers. Whether for personal or commercial use, all incoming packages are subject to examination by U.S. customs upon arrival at the port of entry.

If your package is detained, consider the following steps:

1. Monitor your package's status online for updates.

2. You should receive a notification from the express carrier notifying you of the hold.

3. Reach out to the carrier to inquire if customs requires any additional information, such as documentation, samples, authorization letters, and other requirements deemed necessary as part of the review.

Here are the contact numbers for popular express carriers:

- USPS: (800) 222-1811

- DHL: (800) 225-5345

- FedEx: (800) 249-2953 or 1716

- UPS: (888) 742-5877

If you encounter further difficulties, consider hiring a customs broker who can provide further assistance and assist in expediting the release of your package.

Need assistance with a package that's stuck with customs hold?

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