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Personal Imports

As a US resident or an individual relocating back to or into the United States, you may have the opportunity to take advantage of a valuable benefit: duty-free importation. This means that you can bring in your used household goods, furniture, and other personal items without the requirement of obtaining a customs bond and without incurring customs duties or taxes.

This duty-free privilege is applicable to US residents who are returning to the country after living abroad or those who are moving to the US for the first time. It presents a significant advantage in terms of cost savings and a streamlined relocation process.

By allowing the importation of used household goods, furniture, and personal items free of customs duties and taxes, the government aims to facilitate the smooth transition of individuals settling into the US. This provision enables you to bring your cherished belongings with you and establish a comfortable home without the financial burden typically associated with shipping and customs fees.

To qualify for this duty-free privilege, certain requirements must be met. Generally, the items must be declared as used personal effects (at least 12 months old) and intended for personal use only. 

While duty-free importation may vary depending on specific circumstances, being aware of these benefits and understanding the eligibility criteria can significantly simplify your relocation process. Let us help you to bring your cherished belongings into the US without customs duties or taxes, making your transition smoother and more cost-effective. Contact us today for more information!

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