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Duty Classification

Customs duty classification refers to the process of categorizing imported goods based on specific codes, known as Harmonized Tariff Schedule System (HTS) codes, which are used internationally to classify products.


These codes help determine the applicable customs duties, tariffs, taxes, and regulations for a particular product.

The classification process involves analyzing the product's characteristics, composition, functionality, and intended use to determine the most accurate HTS code. This code is essential for proper customs clearance, as it establishes the correct duty rate, any additional fees or restrictions, and ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Accurate customs duty classification is crucial for importers to avoid potential penalties, delays, or disputes with CBP. Therefore, seeking expert assistance for classification can help streamline the process and ensure compliance with customs requirements of your product. 

Contact us to learn more about your product's duty and import requirements. 

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What is the Duty rate for my product?

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